No stockholders or franchise fees. Our poly is twice the quality of the pest controls companies and half the cost of the franchise firms. 

See the specs on our SilverBack polyethelyne at www.crawlspacerepair.com

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A Finished USR Encapsulation

This shows the workmanship quality of a simple encapsulation. We repaired the rainwater issue, we prepped the soil for 10 man-hours, We added a GFCI outlet and circuit and powered it to a V2D fan. We took out the contractor plastic and batted insulation. We secured the walls with the Hilti fastener engineered for this application. We put a 20 year warranty on the wall.

26 Second Video

Dirt Crawl Spaces : A Housing Epidemic

This video shows the priceless features & benefits of our service.

 Over time, you will pay more to live above an unhealthy crawlspace, than you would pay to live over a healthy one.

It's a no-brainer.


This is called The Stack Effect

Health Hazards & Utilities  Losses

The ​Stack Effect

The Diagram to the Right is Self-Explanatory. 

What is Not Shown is that 40% of the Air you Breathe comes From a Dark, Damp, Moldy Crawlspace and You Spend 70% of Your Life Inside Your Home. 

Got Allergies? Wonder Why !!