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It's not rocket science so you shouldn't pay rocket prices. 1) Stop 92% of moisture from getting in. 2) When it gets in, get it out. 

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This is called The SmokeStack Affect

The Contractor built your house to sell, not to last. Besides, he/she is just following what the architect laid out. They built in this 

​SmokeStack Affect

W​ithout giving any real thought to it. You suffer over the next 30 years. Listen, if you're not intereted in the health benefits of an enapsulation, at least stop air from coming into your home from the bottom and carrying cold air UP through the house. We can put Reflectix bubble wrap around your crawlspace walls in about an hour using permanent Hilti fasteners. 

You'll feel the difference Immediately and the avergae home runs about $550. You will save that in energy costs in the first two years alone.



Would You Like To Have a Conversation Online First ? 

Just Send an email and maybe some photos to [email protected]

You can Proceed however you feel comfortable, but if you include your address, we have access to a website that tells us everthing about the home. We usually send you a copy. But You are Welcome To Remain Anonymous. 

Ask Any Question at All. Nothing is Out of Bounds. About Two Weeks Ago a very Nice Couple Found us on Yelp and Saw that we Already had Clients There. They Just wanted a Simple Clean-out and Encapsulation. He Had Two Quotes & He Just Wasn't Going to Spend $9000. He Measured the Lengths of the Walls and Sent About a Dozen Photos.  We Ended up Arriving at His Home With The Piers Already Cut & Did the Job in 5 hours for $2600+$625 for a dehumidifier. It's all He Will Ever Need . That System Will Pay For Itself In 18 Months.

Our Products and Services


Crawlspace Encapsulation & Dehumidification.

We Offer a Free Inspection Wherein we Take Humidity Readings, Moisture Readings in the Lumber, Photographs & More. We Sit Down With The Homeowner & Go Over The Findings/Readings On a High Resolution Screen and Offer Solid Experienced Recommendations. There's absolutely no pressure. This is your home. We want you to be comfortable with the entire process.

Insulating Outer Walls

Our encapsulations will reduce the A/C costs by 10%-15% by themselves. Experts say that the crawl area should be heated and cooled just like the living area above. We can install perimeter insulation in a snap. Once again, we don't use Glues or construction adhesives that actually dissolve the foam, but often off-gas into the house. If you build an encapsulation while using harmful products to GLUE THE WALLS, have you really done anything?

Crawlspace Insulation Removal

One of the biggest scams is "Yes, you have fungus, but it's only below the insulation, so we will spray it and leave the insulation in". Look, w​e don't like removing insulation anymore than anyone else, but if you are breathing mold spores AFTER we build an encapsulation, does that make any sense? We won't remove the insulation unless we have to. We only give the home what it needs. The encapsulation heats and cools the crawlspace & we can add a radiant barrier to the walls for pennies.

Ancillary Services 

 I can take you to a widows house that all she needed was for the rainwater coming down her backyard to be drained away from the home. Instead, they had her tear out the finished walls in her basement and they jackhammered her slab. She put the walls up, the system failed and ruined her walls. She tore them out again, they jackhammered again, knicked the sewer line, and left. She replaced the walls, the system failed and ruined her walls. We dug an 85 foot trench in her backyard in exchange for the dehumidifier they installed in a corner bedroom.  $30,000