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Comparing a Budget Encapsulation

USR offers a system for people on a budget. They can always add on. Let's get the encapsulation done immediately and stop The Stack Effect. Just Build the encapsulation. See how the one firm leave the vents open? Guess Why? 

The saying that 

"You get what you pay for",

 has been totally replaced by

 "You get what you search for"

This is a full system

  The goal is simple : Stop the Stack Effect

 (shown below)

 Block 90% of all moisture from entering the crawlspace, then use a dehumidifier to get the rest out.

Does that sound like it should cost $20,000 ?

This is called The Stack Effect

This is at Every Crawlspace Home

The ​Stack Effect

The Diagram to the Right is Self-Explanatory. 

What is Not Shown is that 40% of the Air you Breathe comes From a Dark, Damp, Moldy Crawlspace and You Spend 70% of Your Life Inside Your Home. 

Got Allergies? Wonder Why !!



Our Products and Services


Crawlspace Encapsulation 

In most cases, we use a 12 MIL poly for the encapsulating the floor, walls & piers. The tops of the walls are sealed with rubberized butyl tape and fastened with mechanical Hilti fasteners. The seams are overlapped and sealed with quality ST4 waterproof tape. It is grade A, 100% virgin resin poly and there is none better.


For homes over 1500 square feet of crawlspace, ​we use the Santa Fe Compact2, but for homes below that, we offer a much more affordable option that is teste​d and re-tested to absolutely do the job. Talk to our clients. 

Crawlspace Insulation Removal/ Replacement

90% of Crawlspace insulation is ruined, wet and mold-filled batted fiberglass. We Pull it & Insulate the walls using foam board. The battle is between your house and the outdoor elements, not between your floor and the crawlspace.

Ancillary Services 

Trenching Rain Water Flow Away From a Home. Sump Pumps. Replacing Crawlspace Doors.

 I can take you to a widows house that all she needed was for the rainwater coming down her backyard to be drained away from the home. Instead, they had her tear out the finished walls in her basement and they jackhammered her slab. She put the walls up, the system failed and ruined her walls. She tore them out again, they jackhammered again, knicked the sewer line, and left. She replaced the walls, the system failed and ruined her walls. We dug an 85 foot trench in her backyard in exchange for the dehumidifier they installed in a corner bedroom.  $30,000