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exceeding all state laws, USR does not start a job until the homeowner has signed a detailed description of the work to be performed and a general period of performance. USR accepts no payment until the job is complete. the job is complete when the homeowner signs off on the completed job which is at the bottom of the detailed agreement that they entered into.

never once has there been a problem of any kind.


USR accepts no payment whatsoever until the job is completed. We have a 100% satisfaction rating and almost every past client has agreed to be used as a reference. We are happy to proovide the names and numbers of these clients to serious inquiries.

Our Encapsulations (Poly on the walls, piers and floor) are warrantied for 20 years. Whereas some firms either use double-sided tape or spray adhesive to hold the encapsulation in place, USR uses mechanical Hilti fasteners about every 32 inches. 

Any and all of our electromechanical devices carry 5 year warranties. All of our dehumidifiers include a 5 year plan in which we service the units and change any filters. It's always a good idea to have a professional in your crawlspace from time to time in case something is broken.

Lastly, USR leaves a repair kit with the client. It is very unlikely that a service person from another company would cut the poly. It takes a razor to us to cut it. But USR leaves a repair kit and the warranty information with the client. If the home is sold, the warranty stays in place without any transfers fees or notification. 

USR always does quality inspections after 5 days and after 6 months at no charge. It is our intent that you always be aware that your investment is working properly as we hope to always be able to use you as a reference.