Does any other investment guarantee to double your money in ten years ?

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A Finished USR Encapsulation

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You can pay more, but you can't get more. You can help pay franchise fees and stockholders and overhead, or you can use your money on your house. We offer a side-by-side comparion of the material used by the big franchise firm and our product. Ours is the same material except ours is 30% more material.  This has got to be one of the wisest investments that homeowner can make. Set aside the health and structural benefits, but just from a monetary standpoint,  it's a real winner. The value of your home goes up instantly and the cost of the work pays for itself in energy savings alone. It's a major selling pointif the house goes up for sale. Energy costs are the 3rd most important issue to a home buyer. ​Watch the Home Science video below. Does any other home improvement put money in your pocket after 5-6 years


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Dirt Crawl Spaces : A Housing Epidemic

This video shows the priceless features & benefits of our service.

 Over time, you will pay more to live above an unhealthy crawlspace, than you would pay to live over a healthy one.

It's a no-brainer.


This is called The Stack Effect

Health Hazards & Utilities  Losses

The ​Stack Effect

The Diagram to the Right is Self-Explanatory. 

What is Not Shown is that 40% of the Air you Breathe comes From a Dark, Damp, Moldy Crawlspace and You Spend 70% of Your Life Inside Your Home. 

Got Allergies? Wonder Why !!


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