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Our Encapsulations Pay for Themselves

Dirt Crawlspaces: A Housing Epidemic

An encapsulation isn't a purchase, it's an investment with a real return. The costs of doing nothing can be catastrophic. Home sellers get a crash course when their home wont sell because of the crawlspace.


Crawlspace Encapsulations Without Having to take out a Second Mortgage

Every homeowner with a dirt crawl space has these two choices in front of them:

They can choose to do nothing, losing 23% of their heat bill year after year, while breathing unhealthy air, and the  floor joists rot. When the buyer tries to sell the home, the buyer's  inspector will fail the crawlspace, so the buyer will ask the seller to take off $15,000.

Or they can pay a fraction of that and the value of their home instantly goes up. If you watch the video above, our system pays for itself, then when the home goes up for sale, the buyer pays for the system again. 

Every Single Day Including Weekends, we get a call from a frantic homeowner asking if we can build an encapsulation immediately because their home is failing to sell because the crawlspace.

Unfortunately the answer is NO.

The Stack Effect

Due to the differences in air pressures,

vented crawlspaces suck air in from outside.

Thus, the floor above it has a negative pressure, so it sucks the air in the crawlspace up into the living quarters, bringing with it everything you would expect to find in a dark, damp air-swamp. 

1/2 of every breath you take in your home is filled with crawlspace air and you spend 70% of your life in your home.

Clean it out, Seal it tight, and Dry it out. 

A Finished USR Encapsulation

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You can pay more, but you can't get more. You can help pay franchise fees and stockholders and overhead, or you can use your money on your house. If you want 20 mil on your floors, we offer a side-by-side comparison of theirs vs ours and we wouldn't do it if we didn't win. Ours is 30%  heavier than theirs. Heavier means more.

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