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Every Ve​nted Crawl Space is Moving Towards This


Putting Vents in 30 Million Homes has Proven Disasterous.

Vents allow warm moist air into the crawl space 7 months out of the year and the more circulation there is, the more air is dragged across the air conditioning trunk. Once the humidity levels reach 70% you have an air-swamp in your dark, damp crawlspace that is filled with organic material for it to feed  on. That organic material is 


This is a partial list of physical symptoms caused by crawlspaces (sou

*Skin Irritations                                           *Brain Damage                                                   *Cancer

*Watery Eyes                                                *Pneumonia                                                        *Coughing

*Wheezing                                                     *Sneezing                                                            *Asthma        

*Memory Loss                                              *Personality Changes                                      *Cognative Deficits

*Respiratory Ailments                               * Nasal Congestion                                           *Runny Nose

*Itchy Eyes                                                     *Burning Eyes                                                     *Fatigue

*Headaches                                                    *Littering                                                              *Nasal Infections

You Spend 70% of Your Life Inside Your Home and Half of Every Breath You Take is Air That has Come From The Crawl Space. People Move To Arizona To be in an Arid Climate When USR Can Bring the Arid To You !

It was actually VERY difficult to find a link regarding damp crawl spaces that wasn't STILL recommending ventilation. Listen carefully !! Ventilating crawl spaces is WRONG, Period ! It's been proven to be WRONG !!

This is a helpful link from the Mississippi Department of Health

Mississippi Health Department