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Moisture is a homes #1 enemy. Builders build them to sell, not to last. Moisture causes wood decay. Decaying wood is the only thing that actually draws termites and Carpenter ants. 

You spend 70% of your life inside your home and 1/2 of every breath you take is filled with crawlspace air. 

in 4 working days, we can install a system that Instantly increases the value of your home by more than you spent. Then, over the next 5-7 years, our system will pay for itself. 

Experts are calling Dirt Crawl Spaces: A Housing Epidemic.

Franchises are popping up all over the place. Pest contol companies are doing them as a revenue source. Some homeowners try it themselves. And then there's the homeowner that gets an unlicensed, uninsured handyman to give it a shot, and he accidentally pokes an eye out on your property. 

Our systems range from $1700-$11,000 but we offer options and the first money spent is the best money spent. 

Moisture alone can take a $500,000 home and make it practically unsellable. We have seen homeowners replace their floors twice before having us out to waterproof it for 1/4 of what they spent re-flooring it. 

We didn't just jump into this arena when the market appeared. We installed our first simple vapor barrier in 2005 according to state code. Yes, we were working for another firm at the time, but through Whosit, you can see that our website has been up for 30 months and we were licensed before that. We carry a million dollar$ of insurance and our contract relieves you of any and all liability. We assume all risks. You don't get what's in the agreement, you dont pay. You want references? Do we ever have them.

The franchise folks fix a house properly. So do we, but without all the fees. The pest control companies are jumping in now, and if you would like to see 4 videos of their work, just let us know. There is actually a Re-Do Market developing of systems gone wrong, built by inexperienced installers or faulty material.  


Honestly? We have never had a dissatisfied client. We don't show up at your house trying to get you to sign a contract on our first visit. In fact, we promise to give you photos, meter readings and an iPad presentation at your home, and then we will email you a quote with itemized options. No Pressure !!

Our Motto is Twice the Quality at Half the Cost

For a free, enjoyable, informative presentation of your home's Under Structure , email [email protected]

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Mold Needs Four Things To Grow

1) Oxygen- Like most organisms, spores must have oxygen. We can't get rid of the oxygen in your home, because you need it too.

2) Temperature-Mold doesn't grow in a crawl space year round. It has to have the right temperature range.  About the only good thing about a vented crawl space is that in the dead of winter, the temperature in your crawl space can get too cold for mold to grow. 3) Food Source- Mold feeds on any organic material. Organic= Derived from living matter (cardboard , paper , lumber, contractors plastic)

4) Moisture- Without humidity, mold can't grow. Today, any expert will tell you that a dirt crawlspace with vents was a huge home-building code mistake . Our encapsulation stops the STACK EFFECT and almost all moisture intrusion, and our dehumidifiers get rid of the rest.

It's as simple as that !!