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Angie's List Suggests That E​very Home Needs Seven Things Done at any Given Time. We Likely Do Them​ All. And We Absolutely Guarantee 100% Satisfaction 


Watch This Simple Scientific Study Done On Ten Homes Side-By-Side

Every year the Center for Disease Control comes a new health hazard for mold in a crawlspace. I wish I could show the video of Angie Hicks of Angie's List. She tore into Allergy Doctors for not telling their clients not to at least have an inspection done. This video shows why Every Crawlspace Needs an Encapsulation. 

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This Video Shows Three ways to Fasten The Foam Board. We do Crawlspaces, So We use the Third Method in this Video. The Rodenhouse Plati-Grip Fastener with a 3 Inch Diameter Head for Holding Power. Insulating Between Floor Joists is O-U-T. The battle Is between the inside and the elements outside. We remove batted insulation and Install 1-1/2"- 2" Foamular Insulation R7.5-R10 in Value

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20 Year Warranty

Outdoor Lighting


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Commercial-Grade Dehumidifier/Sanitizer 

Removes Dust and Every Spore from 3-10 Microns

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The Moisture Medic 

If you supply the electrical outlet, we supply the Moisture Medic 1820 fully installed and funtioning with a 5 year wall-to-wall warranty for $1500. Compare that to the largest pest control company's $2700.

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