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This is some of the services we provide

Angie's List Suggests That E​very Home Needs Seven Things Done at any Given Time. We Likely Do Them​ All. And We Absolutely Guarantee 100% Satisfaction 


Kill The Mold

A lot of money is being made by way of FEAR. There are some excellent videos describing how firms use mold to and scare tactics to sell expensive mold remediation jobs.  

We kill it and coat the surface of the crawlspace with a product that won't allow the mold to return unless the product is physically removed from that surface. 

Most mold is wood destroying and not a major health hazard. 

OSHA Certified Mold Remediation

Not Every Home Needs This Service, but We Think You Would Agree That No Home is Going to Sell With Lumber Looking Like This. Unlike Others, We Only Suggest Remediation if It Is Required and According to Budgets, We can Kill the Mold First & Remove it Later


The AprilAire 1820W is shown here.

We Have Never Replaced One

Removes 70 Pints Per Day with an Extraordinary Filter

Covers 1500-2100 square feet with ease

Comes with a five year warranty and an Optional Service Package 

Sump Pump Systems

With Every Proposal, USR Offers Options That Fit the Application. This is our Mini-System that Handles Smaller Crawlspace Standing Water Issues 

1:22 Long Video

Felt Underlay

This 1/8 Inch Felt Underlay is optional and we itemize it on your proposal. It Protects Your Floor Poly and Helps With Ground Gasses

Footer Tile Drain

USR builds footer tile drains when they are required, and only where they are required. Frankly, a few firms put a trench in every crawlspace. It's called a Smart Drain. We aren't convinced that's too smart. Very often, only one wall needs a drain. We aren't a cookie-cutter firm. The system we put together is for your specific needs, and then we guarantee the system for 20 years. 

Crawlspace Cleanout

Most crawlspaces just need the platic removed. Others need the plastic and insulation removed. Then there are jobs like the one in Fountain City on our VIDEOS page. There was over 3000 Pounds of debris removed. Ask the client yourself. He's on our references list.  

Cleanout Video

Watch This Simple Scientific Study Done On Ten Homes Side-By-Side

Every year, the Center for Disease Control comes a new health hazard for mold in a crawlspace. I wish I could show the video of Angie Hicks of Angie's List. She tore into Allergy Doctors for not telling their clients not to at least have an inspection done. This video shows why Every Crawlspace Needs an Encapsulation. 

Click Below and Learn a Very Important Lesson

Watch Video

20 Year Warranty

Outdoor Lighting


Watch Video


We are happy to itemize every part of the job. If the Insulation is wet, ruined, fallen and/or has mold all over it, we remove it.

 Google "The cost or removing fiberglass insulation from a crawlspace. "You will find the national average to be $1.08 per square foot. We charge a fraction of that, and we can haul it away or bag it up and leave it with you. 

At the homeowner's option, we can install 1.5" - 2.0" foam board to the exterior walls

Foam Board Adhesive

Insulating Band Joists

During our inspection, we check to see if there is air loss through the ban joists. 

If so, we recommend and itemize the cost of insulating the ban joists.

:30 Second Video