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This is part of a three-part series of videos that shows a crawlspace encapsulation before, during and after completion in Church Hill, TN.

43 second Video


This is the "before" video of the three-part series of the same home in Church Hill. The videos both above and below this video show the midway point and the finish of the construction.

26 Second Video


This is part of the 3-part series showing the before, during & after videos of the same crawlspace in Church Hill.

1:51 Long Video


The client is a regular. They purchase homes, repair them, and sell them. we This job was a 20 mil Poly with a dehumidifier. It required lots of extras that most firms won't do. We replaced the rusted dryer vent, we repaired and replaced the wired netting holding up the insulation. We  blanketed the water heater. We replaced a downspout and routed the rainwater away from the house. We put a handle to hold onto as you  enter the hilly crawlspace. We installed the condensate pump in such a fashion that their air handler could share it. We met Best Buy at the site to install the dryer.  We handle EVERYTHING that involves the crawlspace for this real-estate investor.

2:15 Long Video

10 Mil Diamondback Preventative Encap. (Jonesboro, TN)

This was one of the smartest purchasers we have come across. He read about the Home Epidemic of Dirt Crawl Spaces and didnt wait for problems to occur, but got it taken care of in advance. We used a 10 Mil DiamondBack poly and a dehumidifier.

4:26 Long Video

Completed Encapsulation 

Final Product $8900 vs $2688

Not shown in this video was the 20 hours spent on clean out and prep work done before the first piece of poly was put down. There were large solid clay humps near every pier. There was a strong mildew odor and there was almost a truckload of trash and organic material. This video shows a basic repair kit, with a roll of material, scissors, 4 inch waterproof tape and everything needed for a patch. Right beside the crawl door was our 20 year warranty that covers everything wall to wall. The warranty stays with the home. 

3:39 Long Video

Before Transformation (Fountain City)

This is a video is made before the Encapsulation. Home was built in 2005 with contractors plastic on the floor. Humidity levels of 84% and Moisture levels in the lumber 18.5% +- 2%, vented crawl space with condensation coming from ductwork and humid outside air coming in through the vents and crawl space door.  

0:42 Long Video

After Transformation (Fountain City)

20 Mil SilverBack Poly on the floor and front wall. 12 Mil GuardianLiner on the 3 remaining walls. Band Joists insulated with Owens-Corning Rigid Foam Board. Vents sealed. Seams Taped with 4" Waterproof Genuine ST4 tape (many imitations exist), Sylvane Moisture Medic 70 Pints Per Day Dehumidifier on a Manufacturers Bracket. (cheap imitations and straps are being used that vibrate the house) V2D Exhaust fan. Insulated, Tightly Fit, Airtight Flap over the crawl space door. 20 Year Warranty on Encapsulation. 5 Year Immediate Swap-Out Warranty on Dehumidifier. Top That !!

1:17 Long Video

A Simple Ground Cover/ Fan (Knoxville,TN)

Homeowner chose not to cover the walls as they had almost no moisture in them and he had a fear of having a foundation problem (cracks in the block) and not being able to see it if the poly covered the walls. The ground is the number one offender in his case, so we did a ground cover with a small lip on the walls and piers

1:00 Long Video

Before Video (Meadow Lane)

We got a call from this client after he called an A/C firm for something happening in the crawl space. The A/C technician had used our service only a month earlier. We get 90% of contacts by one client rferring another one. This hame was in good condition except for excessive moisture . Steps had been taken by the homeowner to rid the problem. The rainwater across the rear wall had been routed away from the home and a second layer of contractors plastic had been put down. On the first day of insulation, we were soaking wet from vapor and droplets on the vents and the plastic. This is the condition of the crawlspace before anything had been done by our firm.

2:41 Long Video

After Video (Meadow Lane)

Compare this to the "Before" video listed above. No more warm, moist air coming in through the vents, causing the A/C ducts to sweat. On average, for every 1000 square feet of ground in a crawlspace, as much as 14 gallons of moisture is rising up every day. With 20 mil Silverback poly on the floor, this homeowner wont have either of those moisture issues again. EVER !! You know what? The homeowner didn't pay anything for this encapsulation. The value of this home rose immediately by more than the amount he wrote a check for. And over the course of the next 4 years, the energy savings from this system will even cover the check. 


Adding R-10 Foam Board

We make an offer to insulate the band joists with every proposal. Homeowners can choose what items they want done and add on later.

1:08 Long Video